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About me Unwind with me In a world that moves fast, we can lose touch with our bodies, our genuine deep connection, and ourselves. Allow me to guide you into ravishing euphoria; a moment where time dissolves and senses awaken. I savor sensuous simplicity- the sound of wind through trees, crystal clear flowing streams, and the sun kissing my skin. Nature is in my veins, and I believe it is much like the individuals I meet- each unique and innately beautiful. I enjoy long-lasting connections based on respect & curiosity. And while this is a one-way connection, for now, I eagerly await the moment our eyes meet. I believe this provides an opportunity for us to discard our inhibitions, and I look forward to building a nourishing connection together; lets not forget this is an adventure for two. I believe connection is best built slowly, like a fire gathering its embers. Therefore, 90 minutes is the minimum for a first-time meeting. I have a private upscale in-call located in Huntington Beach At least 24 hours notice is essential Include an introduction in your message Tantric massage: 1 hour / 400 90 minutes / 500 2 hours / 700
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